Pro Deer Hunting 2 continues the great tradition of realistic deer hunting simulations! Significant graphical improvements, the inclusion of a muzzle-loading rifle and a tree climbing stand are just some of the new features.

The same professional gameplay and action hunting is back with improved AI for the deer you are chasing. Keep up the tradition and be the next Pro Deer Hunter 2!

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  1. Full support for Xbox1 controller
  2. Hunting in pro mode to simulate deer hunting.
  3. Hunting in action mode for realistic deer hunting.
  4. Ability to jump from lying deer, adding another dimension to your hunt.
  5. Advanced controller options.
  6. Extensive hunting grounds including Beech Forest, Pine Plantation, Snow Fields and Prairie Level.
  7. Shooting range of firearms and bow for target shooting.
  8. Choice of firearms – scoped rifle, muzzleloader, pump shotgun and compound bow.
  9. Ability to attract bucks with grunting tube.
  10. Deer platform – tree stands, tree climbing stand, grunt tube, binoculars and wind direction indicator.
  11. Hunting realism – attraction to feeding places, different size deer, deer chase, smell detection and blood traces

Game Information

  • Game Title: Pro Deer Hunting 2
  • Game Genres: Adventure, Simulation, Sports
  • Game Developer: PSR Outdoors
  • Publisher: PSR Outdoors Games
  • Release Date: December 16, 2022
  • FILE SIZE : 2 GB