Best Tips to Build Your Own WordPress Theme

We have the most efficient medium in our hands right now. That’s a smart-phone and the internet on it. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them. They provided us with entertainment and other services. With just one click, we can get any service we need. As a result, many small businesses have been able to flourish. In this blog, you will learn the tips to consider when you build your own wordpress theme.

Did you know, just like creating your website, you can also create your own WordPress theme?

If not, then yes it’s true! As you know for website creation WordPress is the most trusted platform. Currently, 75% of the websites on the internet run on WordPress.

These WordPress Themes are ready-to-use. You just have to install them and add content. If you are using a WordPress theme, you do not need to know how to code or program anything. It’s the preferred choice for people who don’t know anything about coding. There are over thousands of companies around the world that provide such WordPress Themes. There are a lot of things that go into having a ready-made WordPress Theme. But you can also create your own WordPress theme if you want.

Of course, you have to code and program for this. You can only do this successfully if you know what to do. Only professional coders and programmers know what to do. So if you are a newbie you will have to learn everything. Right from the HTML content to building an error-free foundation! We are not going to teach you that here. Our goal here is to tell you what you need to remember when creating a WordPress theme.

Here Are 10 Tips TP Build Your Own WordPress Theme

1. Study

Before venturing into anything new, you have to study. Studying will only help you in understanding what you want to achieve and how. For this, you need to study another WordPress theme from professional companies. You can even refer to WordPress’s original themes. WordPress provides its own themes. You can refer to them for understanding the basics of it.

When you will observe WordPress Themes from other companies, you will notice the difference in design. The header style, fonts, colors are used in themes for different professions. The use of content templates and sections, the type of contact pages, blog posts settings, and also plugins used in it. You can understand the mistakes they did or the unique ideas they built so that you can think that way.

2. Start From Templates

While creating your own WordPress Theme you need to start from templates. Building templates should be your first priority. This will simplify the process of sorting content. It will eventually help you in establishing the look for your website. As you study the WordPress themes of other companies, you will learn what role templates play in a website. That’s why you need well-designed templates.

You can create templates in mainly two ways. You can either begin off with a template or create it from scratch code. When you choose your way of creating a template you will ensure to give it your touch.

3. Coding

To Build your own WordPress theme you require coding from scratch. Also as said before you need to learn coding and programming to do this with perfection. You can’t settle for anything less than perfect. The website will be your face for the whole world. That’s why if you decide to take responsibility, you need to fulfill it.

To learn about coding for WordPress Themes you can take help from the internet itself. There are a few pages where you can learn it. One of the most popular is the WordPress Codex. Here you can learn about the foundation of a website, templates, plugins, and how to add features.

4. Imagery

As much as the coding and templates, the use of images and videos also affect the viewership. While creating your own WordPress Theme you need to make sure you have quality images and videos. These will make the theme more informative as well as attractive.

Visual impact is the most effective one. Eye-catching images and video animations attract the viewers’ attention. They keep them engaged.

5. Plugins

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when you build your own wordpress theme. Plugins are an integral part of WordPress Theme. They are must to have. They make the website function better and smoother. You can add as many plugins as you want. If you have studied the WordPress Themes from other companies you will realize they are the USP. Search for top plugins and add them.

6. Uniqueness

As you can see, the market of Premium and Responsive WordPress Themes is filled with competition. It has become a whole different market. With constant demand, they add many new features to their products. These features attract customers from around the world.

When creating a WordPress theme, you have to make it unique. You need to believe that you can create something different than them.

7. Design

A user-friendly design always wins the hearts. The first step is to create wireframes. It is best to plan the entire look on paper, test it on wireframe or mockup software, and then begin coding. After finishing the design you can take a review from a non-coder. That always helps!

8. Good Demo

Create a good demo site first before creating your own WordPress theme. This way customers can see how it works. It will save you a lot of bad reviews and will keep you updated about the flaws.

9. Documentation

You need to provide detailed documentation about your WordPress Theme. You need to specify the features in it and how to use them properly. To avoid bad customer reviews, put them first on the FAQ page.

These are the important tip when you build your own wordpress theme. You need to make sure to leave a mark on it. People have to know who made it. So put a copyright message on the footer below the site. This place is often oversight, but you can use it for this purpose.

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