Install WordPress On Bluehost – Complete Step by Step Guide

Every business wants to have an online presence. If you are also looking to get a website and want to find the fastest way to set up a website, then you are at the right place. Having a website ready in just a matter of a few clicks can be easily done by setting up a website on hosting. let’s see how to install WordPress on Bluehost.

There are so many web hosting service providers but you need to select the one that stands out. And that name is Bluehost. With Bluehost, you get the features that will help you to get your site ready and running quickly. This web hosting service is also recommended by WordPress. So in case, you want to start a website, why look for any other hosting option other than Bluehost?

To install WordPress on Bluehost, just follow the steps given below.

Step.1: Go To

After reaching, click on the ‘get started now button.

Step 2: Select A Bluehost Hosting Plan

In this step, you have to choose a plan. There are 4 different plans available and you will have to select the plan according to your requirements.

The basic plan of Bluehost allows hosting only a single website. A 50 GB disk space is allotted which is sufficient if you are starting with your first website. There is no Bandwidth issue that allows you to grow your site without facing any issues.

If you don’t have any idea about bandwidth, let me explain it in brief.

Bandwidth is the data that you can transfer at a time. The bandwidth depends on the amount of data transferred on your site. If you are receiving high traffic on your site, your bandwidth will be high.

Apart from this, Bluehost’s basic plan gives you 1 domain, 25 subdomains, and 5 parked domains. One can have 5 email accounts each with a storage capacity of 100 MB.

The Plus plan is good if you want to run multiple or unlimited websites.

I would recommend starting with the Basic plan or a Plus plan and then upgrade to the other ones. Once you have selected a plan, click the ‘Select’ button.

Step 3: Choose A Free Domain Name

A free domain name is offered by Bluehost. You can straightaway grab this offer if you have already decided on your domain name. In the ‘New Domain’ section, enter the domain name.

If you haven’t, click ‘Choose Later’. If you already own a domain name that you wish to host on Bluehost, then enter that domain name in the ‘ I have a domain name’ section. Go to the next step.

Step 4: Creating Bluehost Account

You will have to enter your account info. To get it done quickly, you can opt for the ‘Signed in with Google’ button. Otherwise, you can do it manually. Enter the name, state, country, address, ZIP code, contact number, and email address.

After this, you need to confirm your plan details. Carefully check them as Bluehost adds a few premium extras by default. These include:

  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • SiteLock Security
  • CodeGuard Basic
  • Bluehost SEO Tools

De-select these add-ons if you are not sure if you need them. You can always add them later whenever you need them. In the Account plan, you can change the number of months from the default period.

Step 5: Enter Payment Details

The last and final step in Bluehost Signing Up process is to enter the payment details and give confirmation for your order. The best thing about the Bluehost hosting service is it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means, if you are not happy with the plan that you have opted for or the hosting service after purchasing it, you can always ask them for a refund.

After completion of payment, choose a password for your account by clicking on ‘create your password. Enter the password and you are done.

Bluehost is now ready to go ahead and set up the new hosting plan as well as a domain name. A payment confirmation email will be received by you. This mail also contains your new account information and also includes your password and login details.

Install WordPress On Bluehost

For logging in to your Bluehost account, you can log in from My Bluehost. Do you know what is the best thing about Bluehost? Bluehost automatically installs WordPress for you.

After you log in to your Bluehost account, you will be asked to select a WordPress theme for building your site. You can choose any WordPress theme of your choice and you can even change it later. After you have chosen your WP theme, Bluehost will install WordPress for you. Once done, click on the ‘Start Building’ button.

You will get to see a dashboard and a welcome message. Here you have to select the type of WordPress website i.e. Business or Personal site you want to create.

After selecting the type of website you are about to set up, you will now be able to see the host dashboard on WordPress. As you have chosen Bluehost, you will see the Bluehost dashboard on WordPress. Here you can launch your site directly, add new posts and pages, etc.

After this, just click on the ‘Launch Site’ button and enter the Title and Description of your site. You can choose the layout of your site as you will be presented with an option for the same. Setting a static page or recent news/updates page is now possible.

What Is A Static Page?

A static page is one whose homepage remains as it is or it is not changed quite frequently. All the information about the website and contact info is usually displayed on a static page. If you want to create a page that is static, choose the ‘Static Page’ option.

Recent News page:

The recent news page lets you add the articles and posts to your blog. If you want to set up a blog, choose the ‘Recent News Page’ option.

After completion of all the steps discussed above, just go back to the Bluehost control panel and you will find that WordPress is successfully installed. Forgoing to your WordPress, you can click the ‘Log in to WordPress’ button.

There is another section where you will find many useful and helpful links. You will be able to browse the plugins, WP themes, go to the file manager, or do other things directly by using this helpful links section.

To Conclude:

This is how you can install WordPress on Bluehost by following this step-by-step guide. You can install WordPress very easily as Bluehost provides seamless installation without getting you into any trouble. After you install WP on Bluehost, you can do so many things with it as WP is very easy to use and as you keep on exploring it, you will see that you can easily create pages with it. You can also get Responsive WordPress themes from our website.