How To Add Google Custom Search In WordPress? In Easy Steps!

Websites are the medium to reach people from across the world. It is a professional way of introducing your work. Even if you tell people personally, they will search for the website, analyze it and then think about it. The website creates the perfect first impression. It gives complete information about your work, achievements, and your team. In this blog, you will learn how to add Google custom search in WordPress.

But there are many ways to promote your website. Managing search engine optimization is one of them. It is a must-have feature for a website. This feature ensures the viewership of your website. That’s why it is one of the most important features. With better viewership, you can get better profit.

As you already know, Google is the best and most used search engine in the whole world. It has become a synonym for web searches. That’s why to promote your website on a bigger level, you need to add Google custom search to the WordPress website. It is the need of the time!

What Is Google Custom Search In WordPress?

This is also called CSE i.e Custom Search Engine! Google CSE WordPress plays an important role in making the website user-friendly. This will provide your website an authenticity. It will scrutinize the content on your website. This way when the user will search for relatable content, your website will appear in top searches. Not only this, but the users will know what they are looking for and where they can find it.

This will make web searching more interesting by extracting the data results embedded in the search engine. People know the basics of web searching on Google. But with Google custom search they will experience some advanced features.

You can get Google custom search in WordPress by a few easy steps. But if you have signed into a Google account for free, you can have it even more easily.

How To Add Google Custom Search In WordPress?

Plugins are the easiest way to have better features. Whatever function you want to add to your website, you can simply search for a plugin and have it. Having too many plugins in the WordPress website can cause issues with the functioning. So make sure you are using the ones you are adding.

Here to add Google custom search in WordPress, we suggest you add the WP Google Search plugin. If this one doesn’t suit you, you can always search for add-ons for it. Before we go into the process of adding a google custom search engine WordPress plugin, there are some things you have to make sure of.

First, you need to generate the CSE ID by using Google. Then copy the CSE ID and use it in the WordPress plugin. Create a page on your website which will look like the result page. Then use the widgets and plugins that will enable the Google custom search in the WordPress website. Make sure that the results in the Google CSE on your website show the same URL that the users will find after search.

Adding Plugin-

Now, to add Google custom search in WordPress you need to add the desired plugin first. For this go to ‘Dashboard’ of your website on the left side of the window. There spot the tab for ‘Plugins’. As you go on that tab, from the drop-down menu select ‘Add new’.  A window with the list of plugins appears. On that window on the top right, you will see a search bar. Right down the name of the plugin and download google custom search WordPress plugin i.e WP Google search plugin.

The plugin will appear on the window. Below the name of the plugin, you will see the tab for ‘install’. Click on it and then activate the plugin. This will create a separate tab for WP Google search in the settings.

Setting Custom Search Engine-

For setting the custom search engine go to Dashboard again. Then scroll down to the ‘settings’ tab. Then from the drop-down menu select the WP Google search. A panel will appear on the window. There you will see a bar for the site to search. Here you have to add the URL you want your site to be searched as.

Remember the URL we copied after creating CSE ID, you need to add that here. You can add another URL as well in the below bar. This URL is to give an alternate way to reach the original site. After adding the URL, select the default language to English. Then click on  ‘create’ to start the set up of Google custom search in the WordPress website.

How To Generate CSE ID-

After setting the Google custom search in the WordPress website, now you need to generate a CSE ID. This will allow you to get the same results with blog posts.

For this go to the custom search engine website and search for the ‘Control panel’. A window with all the details will appear. There you will see the option for ‘Search Engine ID’. Click on the blue button and wait till the code is generated. Do not click on any other button while it’s processing. After the process is complete, go to the Search Engine ID page of your WordPress website.

In the general settings, you will see the empty bar for Search Engine ID. There paste the CSE ID that you have copied earlier. Then click on the Save button to finish the process. This will generate the Google custom search in the WordPress website.

Configuration Of Display-

There are some other things you can do with the custom search engine plugin. To engage your viewers in your website, you can select the display of the result page. It will keep the viewers hooked up to the page.

To enable this function, go to the Custom Search page on your website. There find the ‘Look and feel’ tab and click on it. It will show a different style of how the page will be displayed. Select the one you want. Expert suggests using the ‘Result Only’ display for the page. After selecting the type of display click on ‘save’. And you are done!

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